Central Library in Los Angeles, CA

Today, I had the chance to visit Central Library, the main branch of the Los Angeles Public Library in Los Angeles, California. A friend and I made the trip down there to get our library cards.

Central Library is the most impressive library I’ve ever been to, a title previously held by Huntington Library. It’s several floors, and the different subject areas are so large, each is like its own library. There are different exhibits like a museum, and a library store where I got a t-shirt. The fact that they kept their old card catalogs was a nice touch that added to the feel of the library. While we were there, there was a lecture about the Night Stalker, but we did not attend. I would have checked out some print materials, but it’s a bit of a trip to return them to one of the branches. But I already found an ebook I couldn’t get through the county library!

I would love to work at this library someday. It’s definitely worth a trip for anyone in the LA area.

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